BoreMeister Anti-Vibration Boring Bar Series Now Offers 12xD and 14xD Toolholders

Iwaki, January 2024 — Tungaloy has added six new sizes of 12xD and 14xD anti-vibration deep boring bars to its BoreMeister family.

BoreMeister is a modular style boring tool system that consists of various styles of exchangeable cutting heads that carry a range of insert geometries, enabling various boring applications such as internal turning, profiling, and threading. The damper built inside the tool body counter-vibrates and effectively suppresses unwanted vibrations. This makes the tool a strong productivity booster, particularly in applications involving long length-to-diameter ratios that exceed ten times the bar diameter in boring applications. The system also offers general-purpose boring bars with solid steel shanks, as well as a PSC connection.

The new 12xD and 14xD anti-vibration boring bars are equipped with an inbuilt dampening system, significantly reducing vibrations in deep boring applications. The toolholders are available with shank diameters of 25, 32, and 40 mm (1″, 1.260″, and 1.575″). With a 40 mm diameter shank, you can machine a chatter-free bore as deep as 560 mm (22″).

Also, the new anti-vibration boring bars feature an angle alignment line etched on the shank body as shown in the picture. By aligning this line with the matching line on the RSL.. split sleeve, the tool can be centered easily at the correct angle in relation to the machine to ensure proper cutting. This feature has been added to the existing BoreMeister anti-vibration boring bars with 7xD and 10xD lengths.

Inch size split sleeves are now available for our BoreMeister customers in the North America region. The sleeves are made based on imperial measurements, simplifying the adaptation of BoreMeister boring tools.

Product information
No. 517-G (Metric)