BoreMeister Simplifies I.D. Profiling and Thread Turning with New Styles of Modular Cutting Heads

Iwaki, February 2024 — Tungaloy has expanded its BoreMeister vibration-dampening boring bar system by adding 14 new modular cutting heads for internal profiling and threading applications.

The BoreMeister system is enhanced with a variety of exchangeable heads and shanks for internal turning, profiling, threading, and grooving. The system ensures vibration-free boring operations in a long overhang setup of up to 14xD through a dampener inside the tool body. In addition, the boring bars are also available in solid steel shanks or with a polygon-shank coupling (PSC) machine-side connection.

The new modular profile cutting heads hold a DC..07 or DC..11 insert and has a 62.5° approach. They provide improved stability, greater flexibility, and significant productivity gains for such internal applications as bore diameter expansion, contouring of complex 3D surfaces with varying diameters, and chamfering of internal hole entrance that is located deep inside the hole. The new thread cutting heads are designed for large threading inserts in size 22 and 27 that form ISO metric threads and trapezoidal threads.

Product information
No. 517-G (Metric)