Y-axis turning tool with PSC connection for multitasking machines

ADD high productivity combined with multiple processes & tools into a single operation

Procedures for tool pre-setting and how to make machining program

Applications & Features


1. Y-axis machining benefits

  • The cutting force vector is directed in the longitudinal axis of the tool, resulting in higher stability and minimized vibration
  • No chip entanglements, chips are directed down and away from the workpiece and toolholder

Conventional X-axis feed

2. PSC Y-axis tool for multitasking machines

  • High rigidity design PSC tool body and through-coolant supply for tool life stability

3. Y-axis tooling concept providing small entry angle for high productivity

  • T-type : Max feed rate 2 mm/rev 
  • D-type : Max feed rate 1.2 mm/rev

4. Tooling image of Y-axis orientation and applying high feed back turning

T-type for medium cutting operation

  • Thanks to its high-feed geometry, AddY-axisTurn insert provides high productivity
  • Y-axis tool orientation allows both sides of the cutting edge to be used, providing stable and long tool life

D-type for finishing and profiling operation

  • AddY-axisTurn allows a precision workpiece completion with a single tool setup
  • No interference with the tailstock
  • Eliminates chip entanglement, promoting fully automated manufacturing

5. Secure insert clamping system

  • Y-PRISM’s safe lock design has a rail on the toolholder and matching slot on the insert for tight interlocking and secure clamping.
  • Prevents the cutting forces from affecting the insert position in any direction and ensures high stability.

Inserts & Grades



  • D-type for finishing and profiling operation


  • T-type for medium cutting operation
Main Grades


  • P10 – P20
  • Well-balanced between wear and chipping resistance
  • First choice for steel
  • High versatility for a wide range of applications


External turning

AddY-axisTurn Toolholders for 2D-DCMT inserts

Screw-on Y-axis turning toolholder with PSC connection

External turning

AddY-axisTurn Toolholders for 3C-TCMT inserts

Screw-on Y-axis turning toolholder with PSC connection

Standard cutting conditions

ISO Operation Chipbreaker Grade Cutting speed
Vc (m/min)
Finishing ZF T9215 150 – 400
Medium to heavy cutting TM T9215 150 – 400
Finishing ZF T9215 100 – 250
Medium to heavy cutting TM T9215 100 – 250
Finishing ZF T9215 140 – 500
Medium to heavy cutting TM T9215 140 – 500

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