New DCMT-ZF Insert Expands AddY-axisTurn Capability from Medium to Super Finish Operations

Iwaki, July 2022—Tungaloy has added a D shaped, rhombic insert with a 55 degree nose angle and associated toolholder to its innovative AddY-axisTurn external turning tool system. This is a completely new external turning methodology that allows a single tool to perform several different turning operations in all directions through the use of the Y axis movement in turning centers and multitasking machines.

AddY-axisTurn harnesses the milling spindle of turning centers and multitasking machines to freely adjust the insert’s angle-of-entry to the workpiece. The tool is designed to hold the insert at the front end of the tool in line with the Y axis, instead of the X axis as with the traditional turning tool. This capability allows all familiar turning operations including simple longitudinal (push and pull) turning or high-feed turning, as well as profiling, undercutting, and face turning, to be performed and completed using a single tool.

Since the insert is positioned in line with the Y axis, its rake face is facing down to the chip basin. Chips are, therefore, directed down and away from the cut to help prevent chips from bird nesting and damaging the worked surface.

New 2D-DCMT-ZF insert with a 55 degree nose angle lends itself to profiling, finishing, and other delicate machining processes. The ZF geometry provides perfect chip breaking and control whether used for finishing operations at light depths of cut as small as 0.5 millimeters (.020 inches) or pull turning with a small entry angle (KAPR), providing versatility from medium to super finish operations.

The insert is available in T9215 grade, a first-choice for steel. With a good combination of wear and chipping resistance, the grade provides incredible reliability over a broad application range from high-feed turning that generates heavy cutting load on the cutting edge to super finish operations with light D.O.C.

AddY-axisTurn enables several different turning operations to be completed using just one tool, allowing huge savings on tool types and investments, while increasing productivity.

Product information
No. 553-G (Metric)