Tungaloy’s AddY-axisTurn Marks a Completely New Turning Point

Iwaki, April 2022 — Tungaloy has announced the launch of AddY-axisTurn – a revolutionary turning tool concept that finishes workpiece O.D. in a single setup in multitasking machines and turning centers with Y axis.

AddY-axisTurn is a new O.D. turning methodology that harnesses the live Y axis turret with off-center functionality in turning centers and multitasking machines. The tool is designed to hold the insert at the front end of the tool, in line with the Y axis, instead of the X axis as with the traditional turning tool. By rotating the tool spindle, the cutting edge can be positioned at an optimum entry angle relative to the workpiece surface. This capability allows the tool to perform longitudinal (forward and back) turning at increased feed rates, as well as profiling and face turning, enabling the operation to be completed with a single setup.

AddY-axisTurn reduces tool inventory because it requires only a single tool to perform all O.D. and face turning operations in all directions. Also, the tool can greatly reduce tool changeover and setup time, resulting in significant productivity boost thanks to dramatically increased machine uptimes.

Since the insert is positioned in line with the Y axis, its rake face is facing down to the chip basin. Chips are, therefore, directed down and away from the cut to help prevent chips from bird nesting and damaging the worked surface.

AddY-axisTurn toolholder is available with TungCap C6 connection for quick change and carries a 3C-TCMT….-TM insert of the AddMultiTurn multi-directional turning insert line. The insert is designed to provide higher productivity, compared with standard ISO turning inserts, in all medium to rough turning applications. The first-choice grade for steel turning, T9215 provides the insert with an excellent combination of wear and fracture resistance for long tool life.


Product information
No. 553-G(Metric)