Grooving and parting-off tool series with optimally rigid self-clamping system

Highly rigid self-clamping system improves productivity for deep grooving and parting-off operations

Applications & Features

External groovingInternal groovingParting-oCoolant hole

Unique, high rigidity self-clamping system

1. The stopper supporting the insert bottom ensures secure edge position for excellent repeatability
2. The pocket is designed to securely spring-clamp the insert with three contact faces for stability
3. Smooth uninterrupted chip flow is possible thanks to two variations of effective 3D chipbreakers

Inserts & Grades


AddForceCut Inserts for Grooving

  • CW = 2 – 5 mm



  • Excellent wear resistance and high rigidity
  • First choice for grooving of various materials


Grooving & Parting

AddForceCut Toolholders

Highly rigid self-clamping system


AddForceCut Tool Blocks

Highly rigid self-clamping system

Practical examples

Part: Bolt parts
Material: SUS304 / X5CrNi18-9
Toolholder: QGS82-3T / CHTBL2525-82
Insert: QGS3-020
Grade: AH7025
Cutting conditions: Vc = 70 (m/min)
f = 0.15 (mm/rev)
CW = 3 (mm)
CDX = 8 (mm)
Application: Parting off
Coolant: Wet
Part: Ring
Material: SM490 / S355J2
Toolholder: QSER2525-5T33
Insert: QGS5-030
Grade: AH7025
Cutting conditions: Vc = 92 (m/min)
f = 0.12 (mm/rev)
CW = 5 (mm)
CDX = 16.5 (mm)
Application: Grooving
Coolant: Wet

Standard cutting conditions

ISO Workpiece material Hardness Grade Cutting speed
Vc (m/min)
C45, 34CrMo4, etc.
< 300 HB AH7025 50 – 180
Stainless steel
X10CrNiS18-9, etc.
< 200 HB AH7025 50 – 120
Gray cast iron
GG25, 250, etc.
AH7025 50 – 180
Ductile cast irons
GGG45, 450-10S, etc.
AH7025 50 – 120
Inconel718, etc.
< HRC 40 AH7025 20 – 60
Titanium alloys
Ti-6Al-4V, etc.
< HRC 40 AH7025 20 – 80

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