Significant Expansion of TinyMiniTurn Solid Carbide Boring Bar Lineup Boosts Productivity in Small Diameter Boring Operations

Iwaki, January 2024—Tungaloy has added 146 new solid carbide mini boring bars to its TinyMiniTurn series. The new mini bars are available in a wear- and fracture-resistant grade SH725 and with through coolant.

TinyMiniTurn incorporates a variety of small-diameter boring tools, including solid carbide mini boring bars for as small as 0.6 mm (.024″) diameter boring and boring bars with a brazed CBN tip. The series also offers an indexable solution which come with a tiny insert with optimized pressed-in chipbreaker, enabling as small as 5 mm (.2″) diameter boring. TinyMiniTurn solid carbide mini boring bar line offers ten different geometry types designed for internal turning, profiling, grooving, deep facing, and thread turning operations. Furthermore, the JBBS-4N tool sleeve designed to hold TinyMiniTurn solid carbide boring bars features four periphery coolant outlets situated on the tool periphery that direct the coolant to the optimal positions close to the cutting zone. This provides improved coolant supply and predictable tool life.

The new solid carbide mini boring bars are available in Grade SH725, a PVD-coated grade that provides the boring bars with an excellent balance of wear and chipping resistance. In combination with through-coolant, the boring bars enable superior chip evacuation and long tool life. The use of JBBS-4N tool sleeve will further improve chip evacuation for minimum machine downtime by preventing chips from bird nesting around the tool and workpiece, which is a common cause of machine stoppages.

Product information
No. 402-G (Metric)