TecMill Expands Cutter Body Line for Heavy-Duty Square Shoulder and Face Milling Applications

Iwaki, April 2022 — Tungaloy has expanded its TecMill tangential insert cutter line by adding large-diameter square shoulder milling cutters ranging from 160 to 250 mm and also introduced 60 degree cutter bodies for heavy-duty face milling applications.

TecMill square shoulder milling cutter series is developed for heavy-duty rough shoulder milling applications that use mid- and large-size machine tools. The series uses indexable inserts that are mounted tangentially on the periphery of the cutter body. In this orientation, each insert’s strongest, thickest cross-section sustains the brunt of the cutting force. Also, the tangential cutter bodies are stronger than conventional radial models because the inserts fit into smaller seat pockets that can retain more metal after insert seat pockets are milled out, enabling process security and higher feed rates during heavy-duty rough milling operations. The new cutter bodies are available in 160, 200, and 250 mm in diameters, complementing the existing diameters ranging from 32 to 125 mm.

Also added are face milling cutters with a 60 degree entry angle, on which existing TecMill inserts are mounted. The use of tangential inserts provides the new TecMill cutters with stronger cutting edges, compared with conventional face milling cutters, in aggressive cutting depths of up to 12 mm. The new face milling cutters are available in diameters ranging from 100 to 250 mm, providing efficient solution in heavy-duty face milling operations requiring heavy stock removal.

All cutters come with shims assembled in the insert seats so that, in case of insert rupture, damage to the cutter body will be minimized, ensuring maximum tool reliability.

TecMill’s LMMU16-MJ inserts has a double-sided geometry with four cutting edges for improved cost per edge. The inserts are available in a broad array of latest grades: AH3135 boasts excellent fracture resistance in steel and stainless steel; both AH120 and AH725 are versatile grades for various materials including cast iron and exotic materials; T3225 is designed for high speed machining of steel and stainless steel; and T1215 is suited for cast iron.

TecMill series offers solution of not only large-diameter square shoulder milling cutters but also heavy-duty face milling cutters, making significant contribution towards saving customers’ machining costs.

Product information
No. 374S1-G (Metirc)