Tungaloy Unveils AddForceBarrel for Improved Semi-Finishing Productivity of 3D Surfaces

Iwaki, March 2022 — Tungaloy has unveiled AddForceBarrel indexable profile milling cutters with barrel-shaped cutting edges that are designed for efficient semi-finish machining of 3D surfaces.

Following the success of TungMeister barrel shape milling head series, which were developed for efficient finish profiling of 3D surfaces such as of complex dies and turbomachinery components in 5-axis milling operations, Tungaloy furthered the same design principle to engineer AddForceBarrel for an indexable insert solution.

AddForceBarrel uses inserts whose cutting edges have a large-radius arc of either 20 mm (.787″) or 30 mm (1.181″), designed for semi-finish profiling of 3D surfaces. Just like the TungMeister’s barrel milling heads, AddForceBarrel provides much greater engagement area between the cutting edge and workpiece when compared with conventional ballnose end mills. Greater engagement area enables larger stepovers, which improves metal removal rates for reduced number of cutter passes and cycle times.

Double-sided with two total cutting edges and ground-to-precision, AddForceBarrel inserts come in extremely small body of size 10 with cutting edges comprised of a large-radius arc, which are developed with high powder-sintering and grinding technologies unique to Tungaloy. These small-size inserts enable high tooth density, allowing a 20 mm-diameter cutter to carry four inserts. On the other hand, their cutting edge is long enough so that the 20 mm-radius insert can be set to an optimal tilt angle at up to 21.5 degrees relative to the plane being machined and the 30 mm-radius insert at up to 16 degrees.

Furthermore, the inserts are designed to provide wide contacts with the seat when screw-clamped on the cutter, ensuring strong insert retention and part precision.

The inserts are offered in AH9130, a latest PVD-coated grade that provides long and predictable tool life in carbon steel, stainless steel, as well as hardened steel.

Product information
No. 552-G (Metric)
No. 552-US (Imperial)