MiniForceTurn’s New DXGQ/U Inserts Are Offered with CBN Tips and HP Chipbreaker

Iwaki, March 2024 — Tungaloy has upgraded its MiniForceTurn by introducing thirty new DXGQ/U0703.. inserts with brazed CBN tips and HP chipbreaker. This upgrade will boost productivity in hard part turning applications. The CBN inserts will now be sold in newly designed boxes containing five inserts each.

MiniForceTurn turning tool series offers double-sided turning inserts with positive rake cutting edges on both sides. These inserts enable free cutting action like that of positive inserts with an added advantage of double cutting edges.

The new DXGQ/U0703.. inserts feature 55° nose angle with brazed CBN tips that are designed for hard part turning applications. The inserts incorporate HP chipbreaker and use WavyJoint brazing technology for the CBN tips which are designed to provide enhanced insert reliability during hard part turning. Also, the inserts feature four total cutting edges for excellent cost-per-part efficiency.

The inserts are available in three coated-CBN grades; namely, BXA10, BXA20, and BR35F, which cover an application range from continuous to interrupted cuts.

The new DXGQ/U0703.. CBN inserts fit the existing toolholders: SDXXR/L style toolholders for internal profiling and SDZXR/L style toolholders for internal back spot facing. With the proven effectiveness of the existing WXGQ/U0403.. CBN insert line, the enhanced MiniForceTurn CBN inserts will contribute to productivity boost for the users involved in internal turning applications of hardened steel parts.

Product information
No. 417S2-G (Metric)