AH3225 Grade Inserts Increase Steel Machining Tool Life and Reliability for DoTriple-Mill and DoQuad-Mill

Iwaki, May 2022 — Tungaloy has added AH3225 grade inserts to its DoTriple-Mill and DoQuad-Mill face milling cutters for enhanced steel machining performance.

All-round face milling cutter, DoTriple-Mill can use round, square, and octagonal inserts in the same pockets, which are available in pressed-to-precision M-class inserts, ground-to-precision G-class inserts, and wiper inserts for extra surface precision.

DoQuad-Mill offers 88 degree entry angle, allowing this face milling cutter to cut extremely close to the walls and fixtures without interference. Its double-sided inserts with eight cutting edges feature a large rake angle that helps lighten cutting forces. This allows the face milling cutter to generate little to no chatter even with a perpendicular entry angle of 88 degrees.

These two cutters now offer AH3225 grade inserts with Tungaloy’s latest coating technology. The nano-multilayer structure, strong coating-substrate adherence, and super-hard coating surface, engineered, the coating provide the grade with superior wear and fracture resistance. Combined with dedicated tough carbide substrate with superior thermal shock resistance, AH3225 prevents thermal cracks on the cutting edge from developing to catastrophic failure, while ensuring reliability and exceptionally long tool life in all steel machining operations.


Product information
DoTriple-Mill: No. 503S1-G(Metric)
DoQuad-Mill: No. 522S1-G(Metric)