Every customer has specific needs.
We study them in depth and provide them with the best solutions.


Tungaloy’s engineering teams and factories are located near the major car plants to provide automotive clients with creative solutions that improve their production processes.

Heavy Industries

Tungaloy’s innovative products help the power, rail, and ship building companies improve productivity in their manufacturing processes.

Power Generations

The high versatility, quality, and robustness of Tungaloy tools allow the power generation industry to take giant strides ahead.


Tungaloy is well-known for its high-quality carbide grades, which are most suitable for machining exotic materials and hardened steels, in the aerospace industry.

Oil & Gas

Tungaloy offers a wide range of powerful tools for the 3 main segments of the oil and gas industry: upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Miniature Parts

Tungaloy provides a wide variety of products suitable for Swiss-type machines, dedicated for small parts. This results in efficient machining processes and reduced costs.

Die & Mold

Tungaloy specializes in creating unique technological solutions, specifically for the die and mold industry.


Tungaloy supplies a wide selection of CBN inserts for hard turning operations required in the bearing industry.

Machine Tool Builders

Tungaloy maintains comprehensive partnership with major machine tool builders, providing them creative solutions.

Medical Industry

Tungaloy’s high-quality tools help customers efficiently and accurately machine various medical components.