Heat exchangers – Baffle plate

Baffle Plate

A baffle plate is a plate designed to restrain or regulate the flow of fluid. Baffles are components of shell and tube heat exchangers which are used to support and fix the tubes in a defined position.
The main machining process for baffle plates is drilling. Baffle plates are thin and are often machined by stacking multiple plates, so it is necessary to handle stacked plate drilling.
Tungaloy’s innovative drilling products are designed to handle highly difficult drilling processes, such as stacked plate drilling, for improved productivity.

Tooling concepts

  • Use of head exchangeable drills to reduce tool change time and provides easy tool management
  • Insert grade with excellent wear resistance provides stable and long tool life
  • Drilling products that achieve stable chip control and evacuation even when drilling baffle plates, which are often made of soft steel, which is difficult to control chips

Featured process

Process 1: Drilling for baffle plates with small hole diameter


  • One-action head clamp enables quick and high-precision head replacement
  • Strong helix flute design achieves highly stable chip evacuation
  • No regrinding needed. It provides regrinding cost and spare tool inventory reduction, easy tool management

DMP drill head
  • High versatile head with 140° point angle
  • Sharp edge preparation for low cutting force and long tool life

Process 2: Drilling for baffle plates with big hole diameter


  • Provides high productivity and high reliability in large-diameter drilling with a 2-flute drill
  • Head clamping system with a screw and large contact surface for highly secure processes. Enables high reliability even in stacked plate drilling, where machining tends to be unstable
  • High balanced flute design for excellent chip evacuation and rigidity

SMP drill head
  • Unique asymmetrical V-shaped clamp system achieves high positioning accuracy and clamping rigidity
  • Latest AH9130 grade provides excellent wear resistance and long tool life


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