Tungaloy adds 2.5 mm nose radius insert to its Tung-AluMill cutter

Iwaki, January 2020 — Tungaloy has expanded its Tung-AluMill line of indexable shoulder milling cutters to include an insert with a 2.5 mm (0.1″) nose radii.

The Tung-AluMill line of indexable square shoulder milling cutters features V bottom inserts and secure insert retention enabling high speed milling of aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous materials. This cutter ensures stability and efficiency in shouldering, slotting, and profiling applications at elevated cutting speeds.

The use of lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloys is increasing across many industries to reduce environmental burdens. More specifically, the aerospace industry is using aluminum alloys for large aircraft components to meet weight reduction requirements for improved fuel efficiency. Tung-AluMill’s new 2.5 mm nose radius insert enhances its comprehensive lineup of insert radii preferred by aircraft component manufacturers to boost productivity and cost effectiveness.

  • At a Glance
    • Process security at high revolutions:
      V insert bottom ensures centrifugal protection and secure milling process
    • High efficiency:
      Cutting edge toughness and fracture resistance enable milling at higher feeds and speeds
    • 1 insert to be added: XVCT160525R-AJ TH10