DrillForce-Meister Includes Additional Diameters for SMP and SMF Drill Head Lines

Iwaki, August 2022—Tungaloy has expanded its DrillForce-Meister with additional drill diameters for SMP and SMF drill heads.

DrillForce-Meister exchangeable head drill system incorporates a head clamping system that uses a unique error-proof asymmetric seat and a screw setting, promising process reliability in large-diameter hole making ranging from 20.0 to 41.0 millimeters (.787 to 1.614 inches). Also, the optimized flute design of the drill body provides smooth and stable chip evacuation in a wide range of materials.

Two drill head styles are available: SMP features a 140 degree drill tip angle and now includes 36 additional diameters, covering the 22.2 to 40.8 millimeter (.874 to 1.606 inch) range. SMF has a flat edge for counterboring and has been expanded with 13 new diameters for the 22.7 to 41.0 millimeter (.894 to 1.614 inch) range.

The new drill heads are all available in AH9130 grade. Developed with Tungaloy’s latest coating technology specifically for drilling applications, AH9130 features a combination of nano-multilayer PVD coating and dedicated carbide substrate. This coating configuration offers exceptional wear resistance, enabling long and predictable tool life for hole making applications in steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.

Product information
No. 509S2-G (Metric)
No. 509S3-G (Metric)