Useful CBN insert with unique shape

For high efficiency in finishing hardened steel, cast iron and sintered metal

Applications & Features

Internal turningExternal turning

New CBN inserts for general turning

  • GNGA insert with 70° corner angle
  • FNGA insert with 45° corner angle
    • Smaller corner angle provides the insert with greater clearance between the insert flank and workpiece surface, allowing better chip flow and evacuation.
    • Enables greater D.O.C. in face turning applications in which the insert is pulled outward (fed away from the workpiece center).
  • YNGA insert with 25° corner angle
    • Allows undercutting, V grooving, and other applications that are not possible with traditional V inserts.

High versatility

  • Existing ISO turning toolholder can be used for these inserts.
    • For GNGA insert: Use the holder for CNxx1204 insert
    • For FNGA insert: Use the holder for DNxx1504 insert
    • For YNGA insert: Use the holder for VNxx1604 insert
  • No offsets needed compared to ISO inserts, due to same geometry of cutting edge position.
  • Double sided insert with 2 cutting edges.

Inserts & Grades



  • Useful CBN insert with unique shape

Main Grades


  • First choice for continuous to light interrupted cuts of hardened steel turning
  • For cutting speed = 230 m/min or less


  • First choice for light to heavy interrupted cuts
  • For Vc = 180 m/min or less


  • Coated CBN for machining hardened steel in a wide range of application area


  • Excellent sharpness
  • Suitable for ferrous sintered metal

Practical examples

Part: Flywheel
Material: FC250 / 250
Toolholder: DCLNR2525M12
Insert: 2QP-GNGA120408
Grade: BX470
Cutting conditions: Vc = 500 (m/min)
f = 0.10 (mm/rev)
ap = 0.20 (mm)
Application: Face turning
Coolant: External supply
Part: Collet
Material: SNCM220 / 20NiCrMo2
Toolholder: A25R-ACLNR12-D320
Insert: 2QP-GNGA120408
Grade: BXM20
Cutting conditions: Vc = 70 (m/min)
f = 0.06 (mm/rev)
ap = 0.20 (mm)
Application: Internal turning
Coolant: Dry

Standard cutting conditions

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