PVD grades for heat-resistant alloys

Incredible reliability in turning of heat-resistant alloy due to Nano-multi-layered AlTiN coating with high Al content

Applications & Features

External turningInternal turning

1. AH8000 series

2. Application area

Main Grades


  • M01 – M10 / S01 – S10
  • Good resistance to wear and adhesion
  • Excellent performance in machining heat-resistant alloy at high speed


  • M01 – M20 / S10 – S20
  • Good balance between wear and fracture resistance
  • First choice for machining heat-resistant alloy under general cutting conditions

Practical examples

Part: Aircraft parts
Material: Inconel 718
Insert: CNMG120408-HRM
Grade: AH8015
Cutting conditions: Vc = 40 (m/min)
f = 0.22 (mm/rev)
ap = 2.0 (mm)
Coolant: Wet
Part: Aircraft parts
Material: Inconel 909
Insert: CNMG120412-HRF
Grade: AH8015
Cutting conditions: Vc = 55 (m/min)
f = 0.30 (mm/rev)
ap = 0.5 (mm)
Coolant: Wet
Part: Toggle pin
Material: Tool steel (49 HRC)
Insert: CNMG190616-HRM
Grade: AH8005
Cutting conditions: Vc = 66 (m/min)
f = 0.6 (mm/rev)
ap = 1.25 (mm)
Application: External turning
Coolant: Dry
Machine: NC lathe

Standard cutting conditions

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