Redesigned -HF Chipbreaker Upgrades Turning Performance of Carburized and Hardened Steel Parts

Iwaki, December 2022—Tungaloy has redesigned its -HF chipbreaker of CBN inserts to upgrade its turning performance in carburized and hardened steel parts.

Tungaloy’s CBN inserts are offered with a variety of chipbreaker styles integrated on the cutting edge: -HP provides precision finishing, -HS allows high feed turning, and -HM and -HF are designed for removing carburized layers of case-hardened steel parts.

Developed for effective removal of carburized surfaces of case-hardened steel through using aggressive depths of cut of up to 1.0 millimeter (.039 inches), the -HF chipbreaker has been a proven performer of stable chip control over a wide range of feeds and depth of cut.

This conventional -HF chipbreaker has been re-designed and upgraded to provide better chip control. A conical wall feature of the new -HF chipbreaker geometry, situated in the center of the rake face, functions to redirect the chip flow back towards the material, forming chips into curls for effective chip evacuation. Furthermore, the renewed chipbreaker incorporates an angled rake face that helps promote smooth chip flow so that the chips make less frictional contact with the rake face, thus reducing crater wear.

The inserts with renewed -HF chipbreaker are available in BXA20 CBN grade. Successfully integrating a thick TiAlN multilayered coating that adds to wear and chipping resistance and a dedicated CBN substrate with superb hardness and fracture toughness, BXA20 exhibits exceptional performance in turning carburized and hardened steel over a broad range of cutting conditions from continuous to interrupted cuts. The new CBN inserts allows up to 1.0 millimeter (.039 inches) D.O.C., enabling reduction of cutting passes, while providing long, predictable tool life during the machining of case-hardened steel.

Product information
No. 518S4-G (Metric)