ModuMini-Turn Swiss Turning Tool System Expands Lineup for Extensive Application Coverage

Iwaki, June 2022—Tungaloy has announced the expansion of its ModuMini-Turn modular turning tool system designed for use in Swiss-type sliding-head lathes with new exchangeable cutting heads for parting and profiling applications. In addition, the shank lineup has also been expanded for efficient finish machining processes.

ModuMini-Turn features a unique coupling for the head and shank interface that boasts extremely high repeatability that provides the insert cutting point with an accuracy of 5 microns or smaller when the cutting head is re-assembled to the shank. This allows quick tool changes in Swiss machines for minimum downtime.

New cutting heads for parting carry TungCut O.D. grooving and parting inserts. The holder retains the insert securely with wide contact surfaces, providing high tool reliability and process security for modular tools.

For profiling, the neutral cutting heads are now offered in the N (for 62.5 degree approach angle) and V (for 72.5 degree approach angle) holder styles.

Productivity and process security can be greatly improved with the new stepped-head shanks. These shanks provide the modular cutting head with an offset cutting point, allowing the finish machining to be continuous and flawless without retracting the workpiece back into the guide bushing after the roughing process. This prevents the workpiece from losing the support of the guide bushing or the chips from entering into the guide bushing, ensuring process security.

Since these new cutting heads and shanks are capable of through-the-tool coolant supply, they minimize tool wear and chip-associated issues.

Product information
No. 541S2-G (Metric)