High productive head-changeable drill

Stable performance, long tool life, and significant cost-savings are possible thanks to the elimination of tool reconditioning and reduced inventory

Applications & Features


1. Changeable drill head provides stable and long tool life, while eliminating the need for tool reconditioning

2.High accuracy, rigidity, and productivity

• Unique clamping structure provides high repeatability and reliability.
• No refurbishing cost and reduced tool inventory requirements.

3. Enhanced drill head variations

Inserts & Grades


DMP (Ø6.0 – Ø25.9 mm)

  • General purpose type
  • Light cutting due to sharp cutting edge

DMC (ø6.0 – ø25.67 mm)

  • High accuracy type
  • Innovative chiseled edge for smooth drill entry. No pre-drilling needed in 12xD drilling operation
  • Double margins provides superior surface finish and hole drilling straightness

DMF (ø6.0 – ø19.8 mm)

  • Flat edge design with pilot edge performs balanced drill entry
  • Significantly reduced radial forces promise stable drilling for complex surfaces at drill entry and exit
  • Stable drilling with long overhang up to L/D = 8 without pre-hole

DMH (ø10.0 – ø19.5 mm)

  • Strong cutting edge design prevents the drill edge from fracturing during demanding processes
  • Versatile and wear-resistant AH9130 grade provides extended tool life

DMN (ø10.0 – ø19.9 mm)

  • Excellent welding resistance for non-ferrous metals


  • P15 – P30 / M15 – M30 / K25 – K30 / S15 – S25
  • Good balance between wear and chipping resistance
  • Suitable for machining steel and stainless steel under general cutting conditions


  • P15 – P35 / M25 – M35 / K10 – K25 / S15 – S30
  • High wear resistance
  • Designed for drilling various materials


  • N15
  • Uncoated cemented carbide

Drill bodies

Drill Bodies

TID-F (ø6.0 – ø25.9 mm)

• Cylindrical shank with flat cotter and flange

Drill Bodies

TID-R (ø6.0 – ø19.9 mm)

• Cylindrical shank

Drill Bodies

TIDC (ø8.0 – ø25.9 mm)

• Cylindrical shank with flat cotter & chamfering adapters

Practical examples

Part: Slewing ring
Material: SCM440 / 42CrMo4
Drill body: TID140F16-5
Head: DMC140 AH9130
Cutting conditions: Vc = 90 (m/min)
f = 0.3 (mm/rev)
Vf = 600 (mm/min)
øDc = 14 (mm)
H = 60 (mm)
Coolant: Wet (Internal)
Machine: Vertical M/C
Part: Out put shaft
Material: SCM415 / Low carbon alloy
Drill body: TID140F16-8
Head: DMC140 AH9130
Cutting conditions: Vc = 120 (m/min)
f = 0.3 (mm/rev)
Vf = 600 (mm/min)
øDc = 14 (mm)
H = 80 (mm)
Coolant: Wet (Internal)
Machine: Horizontal M/C
Part: Wheel hub
Material: S50C / C55
Drill body: TID135F16-3
Head: DMP138 AH9130
Cutting conditions: Vc = 90 (m/min)
f = 0.2 (mm/rev)
Vf = 412 (mm/min)
øDc = 13.8 (mm)
H = 15 (mm)
Coolant: Wet (External)
Machine: Horizontal M/C

Standard cutting conditions

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