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Company Overview

Satoshi Kinoshita
President and CEO of Tungaloy Corporation

Jacob Harpaz
Chairman of Tungaloy Corporation, President of IMC Group

Warren Buffett
Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, the owner of IMC Group

Tungaloy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbide cutting tools, friction materials, wear resistant items, and civil engineering products.

Headquartered in Japan, we provide our products to customers all over the world in automobile, construction, aerospace, medical, power generation, infrastructure, and heavy industries.

Continuous improvement of production technologies, combined with large investments in research and development so it allows us to offer high-quality products that help manufacturing companies in a wide variety of industries increase their productivity.

Message from Warren Buffett

Message from Warren Buffett

Message from Mr. Warren Buffett during the opening ceremony in Tungaloy facilities, 2011.


Bringing solutions since 1929

The two predecessor companies, Shibaura Engineering Works Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Electric Company, succeeded in developing cemented carbide for the first time in Japan and The product was sold on the market as a “Tungaloy”.

Building a bright future

Since its inception in 1934 when it was Japan’s first company to develop cemented carbide, Tungaloy has had a long history of excellence in the development of materials for metal cutting tools and innovative industrial products.

The diverse range of products, including metal cutting tools such as indexable inserts and steel products, wear-resistant tools, civil engineering tools, and friction materials, are all based upon Tungaloy’s expertise in powder metallurgy.

Research & Development

Since 1929, Tungaloy has been the pioneer in materials research and the development of cemented carbides.

Tungaloy develops cutting-edge technologies by taking advantage of the latest techniques and equipment through its close relationship with customers worldwide in all industry sectors.

As the market leader in the development of powder metallurgy and innovative coating technology for high-quality cutting tools because we have the experience, expertise, and the latest equipment to ensure we remain the benchmark in the industry.

Green Activities

Tungaloy’s Environmental Commitment

As a leading cutting tool manufacturer in the world, it is our responsibility to offer our customers innovative green tools that contribute to global environmental conservation.

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