T9200 Steel Turning Grade Series to Include PS and PM Style Chipbreakers

Iwaki, June 2021 — Tungaloy has expanded its T9200 grade series, the next generation CVD-coated steel turning inserts, by adding PS and PM style chipbreakers.

The T9200 grade series is a proven solution for process security and long tool life in steel turning applications. The series now includes two new chipbreakers — PS style for finish turning and PM style for medium cutting — for its negative insert lines to further enhance the grades’ performance over a broad application range.

The PS style chipbreaker, developed for finish turning, features a large inclination angle on the cutting edge and newly designed chipbreaker that provide better chip control during machining at light depths of cut. Its unique geometric design helps prevent crater wear from developing on the rake face, while providing long and predictable tool life; this is especially effective when machining at increased feed rates that generates thicker chips.

The PM style is a versatile chipbreaker for medium cutting, incorporating an optimized cutting edge and chip pocket profiles for producing superior chip control over a wide parameter range.

These two new chipbreakers will complement the existing TSF and TM geometries when enhanced chip breaking performance is needed.

Product information
No. 513S1-G (Metric)