Tungaloy’s Latest T505 CVD Grade Provides Enhanced Wear Resistance for Turning Cast Iron

Iwaki, March 2021 — Tungaloy has unveiled T505, a CVD insert grade that delivers increased wear resistance for turning ISO-K cast iron parts.

The existing T515 grade provides a good combination of wear and fracture resistance and wide application coverage from continuous to interrupted cutting of cast iron parts.  The new T505 complements the existing grade providing even higher wear resistance for continuous turning of cast iron at elevated cutting speeds.

Boasting the thickest CVD coating layer of over 20 µm in thickness, or 1.5 times as thick as the existing grades, T505 features increased hardness and wear resistance that are achievable by its super hard top layer combined with Al2O3 and carbon-rich TiCN base layers. Tungaloy’s PremiumTec post-treatment technology provides a thick CVD coating with fracture toughness, making the grade versatile for interrupted cutting applications as well, which was challenging with traditional thick-coated CVD grades.

The dedicated carbide substrate tailored for T505 grade provides 160% increased thermal conductivity compared to the existing grades. This can effectively dissipate heat on the cutting point intensified during high speed machining, preventing flank wear and edge chipping from developing on the cutting edge.

High-performance CVD grades T505 and T515 bring productivity boosts across an extensive range of cast iron turning applications — from high speed continuous cutting to interrupted cutting.

Total of 75 inserts are to be introduced.


Product information
No. 539-G (Metric)