High-feed cutter for a wide range of applications

DoFeed offers outstanding productivity due to its close-pitch insert orientation and light cutting geometry. The rich lineup is suitable for a wide variety of milling applications.

Applications & Features

High feedFace millingSlottingShoulder millingRampingPlungingHole enlarging

1. Outstanding productivity

– Excellent chip evacuation prevents chip packing
– Innovative geometry allows for extremely light cutting for negative inserts
– Close pitch cutters for high productivity!

2. Rich lineup of cutter bodies from ø16 to ø200 mm

Inserts & Grades



  • Maximum depth of cut
    – LN*U03: 1.0 mm
    – LN*U06: 1.5 mm


  • High chipping and fracture resistance
  • Designed for machining austenitic stainless steel under general cutting conditions


  • Good balance between wear and fracture resistance
  • Suitable for steel and stainless steel


  • Good balance between wear and chipping resistance
  • Suitable for machining steel and stainless steel under general cutting conditions


  • Good balance between wear and fracture resistance
  • First choice for machining heat-resistant alloy under general cutting conditions

Cutter bodies

Shank Type

EXN03 (ø16 – ø40 mm)

Shank type for high-feed milling

Modular Type

HXN03 (ø16 – ø40 mm)

Modular head (TungFlex) for high-feed milling

Bore Type

TXN03/04 (ø40 – ø200 mm)

Bore type for high-feed milling

Practical examples

Part: Mold
Material: S45C / C45 (20 – 35 HRC)
Cutter: TXN06R063M22.0E04 (ø63, z = 4)
Insert: LNMU06X5ZER-MJ
Grade: AH3225
Cutting conditions: Vc = 197 (m/min)
fz = 1.5 (mm/t)
ap = 0.75 (mm)
ae = 45 (mm)
Application: Contouring
Coolant: Dry
Machine: Vertical M/C, BT50
Part: Turbine blade
Material: Heat resistant cast steel
Cutter: EXN03R030M32.0-05 (ø30, z = 5)
Insert: LNMU0303ZER-ML
Grade: AH725
Cutting conditions: Vc = 70 (m/min)
fz = 0.5 (mm/t)
ap = 0.5 (mm)
ae = 30 (mm)
Application: Shoulder milling
Coolant: Wet
Machine: Vertical M/C, BT50
Part: Press-cutter blade
Material: SCM440/42CrMo4(44HRC)
Cutter: TXN06R063M22.0E06 (ø63, z = 6)
Insert: LNGU06X5ZER-MH
Grade: AH8015
Cutting conditions: Vc = 118 (m/min)
fz = 0.8 (mm/t)
ap = 0.8 (mm)
ae = 38 (mm)
Application: Face milling
Coolant: Dry (air)
Machine: Vertical M/C

Standard cutting conditions

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