GTGN type


The best solution for external and internal shallow groove machining

Accurate ground inserts with sharp edges and excellent chip control. Highly recommended for accurate grooving, such as circlip grooving

Applications & Features

External groovingInternal grooving

1. Suitable for highly precise grooving

Accurate ground inserts with sharp edge and excellent chip control. Highly recommended for accurate grooving such as circlip grooving. Combining with the SH730 grade, the new range demonstrates high sharpness and stability for long tool life.


2. Economical advantages

Lay-down insert with 3 cutting edges. Can be used with a number of toolholders to reduce inventory. By just changing the shim, toolholders for TungThread can be used for GTGN inserts.

Inserts & Grades


GTGN Inserts (Grooving width 1.00 – 2.25 mm)

  • Inserts for accurate grooving


  • P20 – P35 / M20 – M35 / S05 – S15
  • High wear resistance
  • Designed for machining steel, stainless steel, and difficult-to-cut material


Grooving & Parting

Holders for External Grooving

For GTGN inserts

Grooving & Parting

Holders for Internal Grooving

For GTGN inserts

Standard cutting conditions

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