Tungaloy’s New TZ120 Ceramic Insert Grade Conquers Turning of Cylinder Liners

Iwaki, January 2020 — Tungaloy is introducing TZ120 grade ceramic inserts designed for turning cast iron at high cutting speeds.

TZ120 ceramic grade is developed for efficient machining of cast iron. A zirconia-toughened aluminum oxide grade with superior thermal properties, TZ120 enables extended tool life and process security at high cutting speeds, making the grade ideal for high-speed, dry machining of centrifugally cast cylinder liners . The new grade will allow Tungaloy’s extensive lineup of ceramic insert grades to provide a variety of cast iron turning solutions at high speeds.

  • Key Properties:
    • Tough ceramic grade with chemical and thermal stability provides excellent resistance to strong acids at elevated temperatures
    • The uniform distribution of the zirconia grains in the alumina matrix imparts superior fracture and notch wear resistance, preventing premature insert failure during demanding operations
    • Ideal for machining of centrifugally cast iron cylinder liners
    • Designed for dry machining only — the use of cutting fluids is detrimental to insert life
    • Introducing 6 inserts