Tungaloy Eliminates Coolant Hose Connections with New TungTurn-Jet Coolant-Through System

Iwaki, June 2020 — Tungaloy has expanded its TungTurn-Jet solution, a high pressure coolant turning tool system, to include coolant-through toolholders and PSC/VDI (DIN69880) adapters.  This combination eliminates the need for hoses, fittings and spare parts that are commonly needed for coolant-through tooling.

The TungTurn-Jet system strategically directs the internal coolant jet to an optimal position, close to the cutting point on the insert rake face. This provides effective chip control especially during the machining of exotic materials, which is not the case with conventional external coolant supply methods. The holder also feeds the other coolant jet from the bottom to minimize flank wear for increased insert life and productivity.

The new TungTurn-Jet holder uses internal channels in the toolholder to deliver coolant supplied directly from the machine turret through the holder out to the nozzle, streamlining tool handling and setup for reduced machine downtime. Since there is no need for conventional external hoses to be set up, chip bird-nesting on the hoses are a thing of the past. The latest additions to the TungTurn-Jet system include TungModular system holders for grooving, parting, and thread-turning, as well as ISO external turning holders.

  • At a Glance
    • No need for external coolant hose connections – Coolant is supplied directly from VDI and PSC adapters through the toolholder
    • Easy handling and setup for increased productivity and economy
    • Top and bottom coolant jets improves chip control and insert life
    • Introducing 24 VDI adapters and 5 PSC adapters along with 18 new coolant-through toolholders