TungTri Offers Close-Pitch Cutters for Increased Shoulder Milling Efficiency

Iwaki, May 2023— Tungaloy’s TungTri square shoulder milling cutters now offers two additional cutter bodies: TPA10R040M16.0E05 and TPA10R050M22.0E05.

Featuring single-sided triangular inserts with three sharp cutting edges and free cutting geometry, TungTri square shoulder milling cutters offer proven cutting performance, precision, and economy. Four insert sizes of Size 04, 06, 10, and 15 are available, bringing high metal removal rates and versatility to shops in a broad range of general milling applications under appropriate cutting conditions.

Developed for general machining of medium- to large-sized parts, TungTri10 square shoulder mills now offer TPA10R040M16.0E05 and TPA10R050M22.0E05 cutters. Each cutter carries five Size 10 inserts for up to a ten millimeter (.393 inch) axial depth of cut (aP), adding to the existing four-tooth cutter options. With light cutting geometry and stiff tool body design, the new TungTri close-pitch cutters promise as much as 125% boost in metal removal rate without compromising tool stability when compared with a four-tooth cutter, given that the same feed per tooth and cutting speed are used.

Product information
No. 421S3-G (Metric)