TungThread’s BX330 CBN Inserts Overcome the Challenge of Threading Hardened Parts

Iwaki, April 2022 — Tungaloy has introduced BX330 CBN grade inserts for its TungThread thread turning tool series.

TungThread series offers a broad range of thread turning inserts and toolholders, covering applications from general threading on CNC lathes and fine threading of precision parts machined on Swiss-type lathes to high-precision premium threads of OCTG pipe connections.

Two new BX330 grade inserts have been added to the series’ 60-degree partial profile threading insert line; namely, 1QP-16ER60-014-SP and 1QP-16ER60-020-SP, both of which feature a brazed CBN tip.

Turning threads on hardened parts can be a challenge when using coated cemented carbide inserts: the cutting edge rapidly wears out before finishing the entire thread profiles, inhibiting greater feed rates and D.O.Cs. to be applied for increased productivity. Of all Tungaloy CBN grades, BX330 provides the cutting edge with the most balanced combination of wear and fracture resistance, making the grade suitable for withstanding continuous and heavy cutting loads inherent in the thread turning method for hardened parts.

Featuring the standard 16ER laydown insert shape, the new CBN threading inserts can be used with existing TungThread toolholders. TungThread now addresses the needs for quick and cost-efficient hard part threading applications with a wide range of standard toolholder sizes available for thread turning. Replace slow thread grinding as the preferred method across industries for producing threads of the hardened parts.


Product information
No. 375-G (Metric)