TCB Counterboring Tool to Increase Nose Radius Options

Iwaki, April 2023—Tungaloy has added inserts to increase options of nose radii.

Extremely flexible, TCB is an indexable counterboring tool that can be used as a milling tool on the latest machining centers as well as for boring applications performed on conventional engine lathes. The cutting diameters are available in a range from 10 millimeters to 59 millimeters, making it perfect for counterboring for cap bolts as well as for expanding existing hole diameters.

The cutter bodies come in two styles depending on the intended cutting diameters: a mono block style is designed for machining from 10 to 43 millimeter diameter bores, while the cutters with exchangeable cartridges are for 26 millimeter (1.024 inch) to 59 millimeter (2.323 inch) diameters. The exchangeable cartridges can fine-adjust the cutting diameters in 0.1 millimeter (.004 inch) increments simply by placing the adjusting shim plates, which are sold separately, between the cartridge and the pocket.

Tungaloy has now expanded the TCB series by increasing options of insert nose radii. The SPMP77x and SPMP83x inserts, which are designed for up to 19 millimeter (.748 inch) boring diameters and up to now available in only 0.4 millimeter (1/64 inch) nose radii, will now offer 0.8 mm (1/32 inch) nose radii as well. Furthermore, the SPMP04x, SPMP/M32x, and SPMP/M43x inserts, developed for 20 millimeter (.787 inch) and greater boring diameters and available in only 0.8 millimeter (1/32 inch) nose radii, will now be available in 0.4 millimeter nose radii also.

The new inserts are available in AH6225. Produced with Tungaloy’s latest physical vapor deposition coating technology, AH6225 grade consists of titanium-rich high-hardness coating layer, combined with a dedicated carbide substrate that features good thermal conductivity and fracture toughness and provides exceptional reliability during counterboring in a wide range of material groups.

Product information
No. 512-G (Metric)