Tungaloy’s SlotMill Series Now Offers Precision Internal Coolant and Enhanced Stability

Iwaki, January 2024 — Tungaloy’s SlotMill indexable slot milling tool series has just expanded with the introduction of 25 new cutter bodies with upgraded features including precision internal coolant capabilities and improved tool stability.

Our SlotMill series offers a broad range of indexable slot milling cutter lines spanning from TungMiniSlit with self-clamping inserts for narrow slots to TecTangentialSlot with tangential inserts for increased tool strength.

This expansion updates two of the SlotMill lines — TungThinSlit for the slot thicknesses from 4 to 8 mm (from .157″ to .315″) and TungUniversalSlot from 10 to 16 mm (from .394″ to .630″) — with new through-coolant cutter bodies. With the capability of precision coolant that directs cutting fluid precisely to the cutting zone, the new cutters offer a significant improvement in chip evacuation. This not only improves operational efficiency but also reduces machine downtime caused by catastrophic failure and the need for manual removal of chip packing in the post-process slot. Furthermore, efficient cooling of both the cutting edge and workpiece not only enhances chip evacuation but also leads to a dramatic improvement in part dimensional accuracy.

New HSV02/03 and HSW06R modular slot milling heads are available in diameters 32 mm, 50 mm, and 63 mm (1.26″, 1.97″, and 2.48″) and expands the TungThinSlits and TungUniversalSlot lines. Our new modular heads feature an innovative design that makes their assembly easier and more secure. Competitors’ modular slot milling heads are typically designed with wrench flats on their shank to which an open-end wrench is attached for tightening and untightening. Instead, our new modular slot milling heads use a dedicated wrench that is engaged with the two holes on the top surface for assembly and disassembly. Since there are no wrench flats on its shank, the modular head can be screwed all the way to the face of the cutter head, enabling minimum overhang and maximum tool stiffness and stability.

Also expanding the TungThinSlits and TungUniversalSlot lines are the TSV02/03/04/05 and TSW06/09 cutters, now available in diameters of 80mm, 100mm, and 125mm (3.15″, 3.94″, and 4.92″). These cutters represent the latest advancements in slot milling technology, featuring precision internal coolant. They are designed to be used in combination with dedicated TSA drive adapters.

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No. 423S1-G (Metric)
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