Tungaloy’s New Ceramic Insert Grades Rev Up Turning Efficiency in Heat-Resistant Superalloys

Iwaki, June 2020 — Tungaloy has unveiled two new ceramic insert grades: TS200 and TS300 that are developed for performing high-speed, high-efficiency turning operations of heat-resistant superalloys. The company has also introduced dedicated turning toolholders with a T-style insert clamp that are designed to securely hold the ceramic inserts to withstand demanding operations.

TS200 and TS300 are both SiAlON ceramic grades that are designed to perform high-speed turning operations of HRSAs common in aerospace, power generation and oil and gas industries. The TS200 is suitable for finishing processes; while the TS300 is ideal for removing oxide layer and other roughing operations.

The dedicated turning toolholders feature a unique T-style insert clamp with a carbide plate attached. This plate holds the ceramic insert securely in place in the seat to provide process security during demanding operations.

At a Glance

  • SiAlON ceramic grades with wear and fracture resistance ideal for HRSAs
  • T-style insert clamp securely holds the ceramic insert in place providing process security in elevated cutting speeds
  • 16 inserts and 10 holders are to be introduced