Tungaloy Further Improves Its CBN inserts’ Cost per Edge, Reliability, and Chip Control in Finish Hard Turning Applications

Iwaki, November 2021 — Developed to ensure good chip breaking and control during finish machining of hardened steel parts, Tungaloy’s CBN inserts with HP-style chipbreaker are now available in a double-sided WavyJoint style that provides maximum tool reliability and stability.

An innovative HP-style chipbreaker is developed to guarantee superior chip control during hard part turning at 0.2 mm (.008″) or lighter d.o.c. The chipbreaker is uniquely designed with an optimal distance between the cutting edge and the chip redirector. This design minimizes crater wear development on the rake face for maximum tool life and also helps lighten cutting forces during machining, eliminating chatter marks and part scraps for improved machining stability.

20 new inserts in HP-style chipbreaker are now available in WavyJoint style; namely, 4QS-CNGG1204..-HP, 4QS-DNGG1504..-HP, 6QS-TNGG1604..-HP, and 4QS-VNGG1604..-HP inserts. Conventionally, CBN cutting tips are brazed onto the seats ground, usually on one side, on a cemented carbide insert body to form a CBN insert. The WavyJoint technology further enhances the bond of CBN cutting tips on negative inserts with 160% increased brazing surface between the CBN tip and carbide insert body. Also, the technology uses 200% larger volume CBN tips for improved insert reliability and tool life. In addition, CNGG1204..-HP inserts are also available in wiper geometry, increasing surface finishing quality.

Two insert grades are available: versatile BXA20 that covers continuous to interrupted cuts at low to medium cutting speeds and BXA10 that demonstrates exceptional wear resistance in continuous cuts of hardened steel, providing reliability and long tool life.

Product information
No. 518S2-G (Metric)