Tungaloy’s ISO-EcoTurn Insert + Cartridge Set Promises Better Economy and Productivity

Iwaki, December 2019 — Tungaloy is introducing cartridge sets for its ISO-EcoTurn inserts, promoting more flexible use of the small-sized, economical inserts.

ISO-EcoTurn inserts, while downsized for tool economy, incorporate the identical chipbreaker geometry and thickness of regular-sized inserts to maintain the same cutting performance at a depth of cut up to 3.0 mm (0.12″). ISO-EcoTurn inserts are available in Tungaloy’s latest CVD grade series, T9200 for steel turning in a variety of geometries. T9200 covers a complete application range from rough- to finish-turning, promising maximum productivity.

Due to the unique insert size, ISO-EcoTurn inserts do not readily fit a standard ISO turning holder. The new insert cartridge sets change this. Simply assemble the cartridge set in the pocket of an existing standard ISO turning holder with the P-style lever lock system to convert it into an ISO-EcoTurn holder. This allows more flexible use of ISO-EcoTurn inserts and the ability to use them to the full potential of cost efficiency and productivity.

  • At a Glance
    • ISO-EcoTurn insert on a standard ISO turning holder
    • Enables use of ISO-EcoTurn inserts to its full potential
    • 3 cartridge sets to be introduced

PDF (Metric), PDF (Imperial)