Expansion of DoTwistBall Cutter Body Line

Iwaki, May 2023— Tungaloy has announced the expansion of its DoTwistBall indexable profile milling cutter line by adding two new cutter sizes.

DoTwistBall offers profile milling inserts and high feed milling inserts. These two types of inserts are interchangeable on the same cutter body, enabling a wide range of applications from profiling to high efficiency opening of pockets and cavities. Furthermore, the sophistication of insert and seat designs allows a single clamping screw to securely fix the insert in the seat, providing the tool with reliability and stability during aggressive high feed or profile milling operations.

Double-sided with four effective cutting edges, DoTwistBall profile milling inserts have an innovative oval shape in a helically twisted structure. While the high feed milling inserts, also having a four-edged double-sided configuration, feature a high rake angle with a large cutting edge inclination, which generates light cutting action and effective chip control.

Two new cutter bodies that have been added in this expansion are HXLN04M042M16R06 modular style cutting head in 42 millimeter (1.654 inch) diameter with six teeth and TXLN04M066B27.0R07 shell mill (bore type) cutter in 66 millimeter (2.600 inch) diameter with seven teeth. Both cutters are a close-pitch version to the existing lineup.

Product information
No. 507S2-G (Metric)