New LX10 Ceramic Grade for Economical Hard Part Turning

Iwaki, July 2021 — Tungaloy has unveiled LX10 uncoated ceramic grade for hard part turning.

Ceramic grade inserts make an economical option for hard part turning as they are priced lower than CBN and harder and more wear resistant than cemented carbide. New LX10 ceramic grade is an aluminum oxide (Al2O3) based, with added TiCN for enhanced bending strength.

LX10 offers insert cost advantage and demonstrates excellent wear resistance and long tool life that outperform CBN in hard part turning of up to 55 HRC in the medium speed range from 50 to 150 meters per minute (from 164 to 492 sfm). In combination with CBN grades that ensure hard part productivity at extremely elevated cutting speeds of over 200 meters per minute, Tungaloy offers comprehensive grade options to deliver optimum performance in all hard part turning applications.

Total of 65 inserts have been introduced.

Product information
No. 542-G (Metric)