Tool Center Height Setting Made Easy for Tungaloy’s BoreMeister – Vibration-Free Deep Boring Tool System

Iwaki, June 2020 — Tungaloy is expanding its BoreMeister series, a vibration-free deep boring tool system, to include a setting device for easy and systematic setup of the center height.

BoreMeister is designed to ensure vibration-free boring operations in a long overhang setup of up to 10xD through a dampener inside the tool body. The majority of BoreMeister customers’ use these tools to eliminate chatter and other unstable elements during long overhang machining to gain productivity and surface integrity.

Setting the tool to the correct center height is one of the important factors to achieve the right dimension tolerances and surface integrity of the component. The new setting device enables easy, systematic, and accurate settings of tool center height. Its serrated interface with a magnetic locator in the center makes attachment and detachment to the tool body easy and accurate. The setting device comes in two sizes: AVC-SET16-25 covers BoreMeister diameters 16, 20, and 25 mm and AVC-SET32-60 diameters 32, 40, 50, and 60 mm.

At a Glance

  • Vibration-free deep boring of up to 10xD is possible thanks to its unique vibration dampening feature
  • Easy and accurate settings of tool center height is possible
  • Introducing devices in 2 sizes