AddMultiTurn Multi-Directional Turning Tool System for Maximum Productivity and Tool Economy

Iwaki, January 2022 — Tungaloy has unveiled its AddMultiTurn — a completely new turning tool concept with unique insert and toolholder geometries that allow multi-directional turning for maximum productivity and cost efficiency.

AddMultiTurn provides the flexibility for OD, face, and profile turning operations in multi directions, which include high-feed back (pull) turning method, allowing toolpaths that turn in the opposite direction of conventional turning process at higher feeds. Multi-directional turning optimizes the toolpaths by eliminating air cutting times, providing more productivity than conventional turning methods. The shapes of the AddMultiTurn inserts enable the user to achieve a much smaller entry angle and thinner chips for higher machining efficiency, which spreads load and heat over a longer cutting edge length, providing extended insert tool life.

AddMultiTurn uses two styles of inserts depending on the application, both of which are in an economical double-sided design with six total cutting edges: 6C-TOMG..TM inserts with 80° nose angle are designed for medium to rough turning and 6V-TOMG..TSF inserts with 35° nose angle is suited for finish turning. Both inserts allow back (pull) turning method, contributing to higher productivity and reduced machining costs, compared with conventional ISO turning inserts. AddMultiTurn inserts can also be used for push turning just as with ISO turning inserts, promoting flexibility in a vast range of turning applications.

In addition, unique Y-PRISM safe lock design provides a rail on the shim and matching slots on the insert, ensuring tight interlocking and secure clamping of the insert during high productive multi-directional turning.

AddMultiTurn offers a completely new turning concept with unique insert profiles that enable multi-directional turning, while contributing to customers seeking to improve machining and cost efficiencies through the means of machining process integrations.

Product information
No. 550 (Metric)