• 2022.11.08 (Tue) - 13 (Sun)
  • Tokyo Big Sight
    (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
  • Booth No: W1050 in West Hall 1


ADDFORCEThe FORCE behind your success

Today's manufacturing companies operate under rapidly changing environment with the advancement of Industry 4.0, increasing awareness of environmental conservation, and much more.
Tungaloy's accelerated lines provide you the FORCE to succeed in today's dynamic world.

we improve... we evolve... we ADD ADDFORCE


JIMTOF2022 Tungaloy Booth Map
  • Date

    2022.11.8 (Tue.) - 13(Sun)

  • Location

    Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)

  • Booth No

    W1050 in West Hall 1

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Explore the world of Tungaloy with over 50 innovative cutting tools and solutions

Tungaloy's latest turning, grooving, milling, and drilling products as well as other solutions that support your machining processes are waiting for you.
You can also discover how our tool management system MATRIX works with your own hands.

  • Turning


    Tungaloy's turning products help reduce your production cycle time by improving machining efficiency and reducing tool exchange time.
    Our groundbreaking AddMultiTurn and AddY-AxisTurn are a must-see if you want to improve your tool life and machining efficiency.
    ModuMini-Turn, the modular toolholder series, will also drastically reduce the time you spend on changing tools and setup on Swiss machines.

  • Grooving


    Tungaloy's grooving tools come in unique designs that are outside of the box.
    AddForceCut offers extraordinary reliability in deep grooving; AddInternalCut helps reduce tooling costs for internal grooving operations with small diameters; and DuoForceCut and MiniV-LockGroove are ready to support your grooving as well as parting-off operations on Swiss machines.

  • Milling


    Tungaloy's milling product lineup offers you indexable tools for small diameters.
    In the past, only solid endmills were available for ø6 - ø10 mm. After much research and development, we have succeeded to introduce to the market indexable endmills for the same range with outstanding reliability and performance.

  • Hole making

    Hole making

    Tungaloy's drilling lineup focuses on high-quality indexable drills and head-exchangeable drills.
    Our AddMeisterDrill / DrillMesiter and DrillForce-Meister series are not only head-exchangeable but also perform better than solid drills.
    Limited companies offer gundrills, and Tungaloy is one of them with our DeepTri-Drill and BTA tools for drilling deep holes.

  • Green activities

    Carbon emission

    With the increasing global awareness for environmental conservation, we all seek ways to contribute to carbon neutrality.
    Tungaloy's green products not only support you in improving your machining productivity but also help you save the Earth.

  • EV parts

    EV parts solution

    With the evolvement and advancement of electronic vehicles in the recent years, components that make up automobiles have gone through major changes. Manufacturers of such parts require tools and production processes that bring higher efficiency. To face such challenges, Tungaloy offers special solutions dedicated for machining EV components.

  • Industry solutions

    Industry solutions

    Each industry has specific needs, and it is important to prepare solutions that improve productivity based on each circumstance.
    Tungaloy has the knowledge and experience in working with various markets; we are ready to offer you the best tooling solutions with our latest products.

  • Gear milling

    Gear processing tool

    Tungaloy offers indexable and head-exchangeable tools for machining gears.
    Using HSS and solid or brazed tools is a method in the past. We propose our gear cutters/endmills, pinion cutters, hobs, and skiving cutters for customers seeking to improve efficiency in machining gears.



    Do you ever find your machinists running around the production floor looking for a tool? Have you faced problems with tool shortage or dead stock? Do you want to find your cost drivers? Our tool management system MATRIX does it all!

  • Digital tools

    Digital tool

    Tungaloy's various digital systems offer you technical support on cutting tools as well as machining operations. Explore our e-Catalog with complete information on our vast products, Machining Power that calculates necessary cutting parameters for machines, and the new app with access to all our digital tools and data.


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