MATRIX Website Updated!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the dedicated page for our Tool Management System “MATRIX” on our website.

MATRIX is a revolutionary solution designed to streamline tool management, digital inventory control, usage analysis, automatic replenishment processes, etc.
With the introduction of this site, we aim to provide our global customers with valuable insights into the benefits of MATRIX, showcasing how it can lead to cost savings and operational improvements.

Key highlights of the site include:

  1. Typical cases: Find out the common problems a business owner, plant manager, and machine operator face in tool management. Explore how MATRIX has made a significant impact on their jobs.
  2. Customer Reviews: Discover real-life examples of how our clients have achieved cost reductions and operational enhancements through the implementation of MATRIX. Learn from their experiences and success stories.
  3. Cost Reduction Calculator: Experience our cost savings simulation tool, which allows users to estimate potential annual cost reductions and gauge the return on investment (ROI) that MATRIX can deliver to their specific needs.

To explore MATRIX and gain valuable insights into how it can benefit organizations, please visit the site at