New TungShortCut Enables I.D. Grooving from 12 mm Diameter Bores

Iwaki, September 2023— Tungaloy is excited to announce the launch of TungShortCut indexable internal grooving tool series. TungShortCut incorporates 9 millimeter (.354 inch) length double-ended internal grooving inserts and accompanying monoblock toolholders designed to accommodate them. With this new tooling, users can achieve a minimum bore diameter of 12 millimeters (.472 inches).

The new 9 millimeter (.354 inch) length grooving inserts are available in two geometries: DGS-S double-ended insert features sharp cutting edges that generate free cutting action and low cutting forces that aid vibration-free machining. While DTR-S, also double-ended, incorporates full-radius cutting edges that provide superior chip control and evacuation during profile turning for better part quality. Both geometries are available with 2 and 3 millimeter groove widths. The new inserts feature the versatile AH7025 grade, incorporating the latest PCD coating technology for extended tool life and predictability across various material groups. In addition, the reduced insert size and volume contribute to saving of tungsten carbide material usage by up to 75% of the conventional double-ended TungCut grooving inserts.

Designed to accommodate a minimum bore diameter (DMIN) of 12 millimeters (.472 inches), the new monoblock toolholders feature an internal coolant system that directs the coolant jet close to the cutting area on the insert rake face, improving chip control and prolonging insert tool life. In addition, modular cutting heads for BoreMeister vibration dampening tool system are also available to ensure vibration free, long reach tool setups.

Product information
No. 391S8-G (Metric)