Tungaloy Expands TungCut Grooving Inserts with New Grades and Geometries

Iwaki, January 2021 — Tungaloy has added new grades and geometries to its TungCut line of grooving and parting-off tools. 

A multifunctional grooving and parting-off line, TungCut offers a wide range of insert and toolholder variations that provide customers with maximum performance in OD/ID grooving, face grooving, groove turning, and parting operations. With strong and reliable insert clamping, TungCut guarantees minimum tool chatter, while providing maximum precision and tool life during heavy duty grooving such as groove turning. 

Two new grades have been added to TungCut to enhance its capacity in exotic materials: AH8005 insert grade, featuring strong coating adherence to its carbide substrate, eliminates notch wear that typically occurs during the machining of heat-resistant superalloys (HRSAs). The grade boasts extraordinary wear resistance, providing long and predictable tool life during the machining of HRSAs. KS05F, a non-coated carbide grade, provides a good balance of wear resistance and fracture toughness, while eliminating built-up edge. The grade is ideal for productive groove machining of titanium alloys. 

New geometries include DGS inserts with 0.05 mm and 0.10 mm (.0002″ and .0004″) corner radii. These sharp cornered inserts allow lighter cutting and precision grooving/ parting-off of small parts advantageous in Swiss machine applications. In addition, new STR insert features a full-radius, single-ended geometry for profiling. Unlike double-ended inserts, a single-ended STR eliminates concerns of the other cutting end interfering with the workpiece during machining, enabling close machining of deeper areas of the workpiece. Total of 85 items have been added to the TungCut line.


Product information
No. 391S2-G (Metric)