ExtendedForceMill Adds Productivity and Reliability in Rough Milling of Titanium Alloys

Iwaki, March 2023—Tungaloy has unveiled ExtendedForceMill indexable extended-flute square shoulder milling cutters for high-performance rough shoulder milling of titanium alloys and cast iron parts.

Titanium and its alloys have been gaining in popularity for their strong yet lightweight characteristics even though it possesses extremely poor machinability. They generate high cutting forces and heat at the cutting point, while exhibiting low thermal conductivity, and it is these inherent characteristics that are responsible for short tool life, poor surface integrity, and low productivity.

To meet these challenges, Tungaloy has developed ExtendedForceMill indexable extended-flute milling cutter. The latest development features optimized insert geometries and cutter body design that enable efficient removal of excess materials through retaining a cutting edge sharpness, while being exposed to extreme high temperatures for a long time.

ExtendedForceMill carries two types of inserts: the AXHU double-sided bottom inserts have four cutting edges, while the SXHU double-sided peripheral inserts feature eight cutting edges for maximum cost-per-edge economy. All these inserts have a unique cutting edge profile whose cross-sectional shape makes an obtuse angle, instead of an acute angle common with conventional inserts. This unique geometry provides the cutting edge with a high rake angle and strength, allowing the double-sided inserts to exert light cutting forces, while ensuring tool reliability.

Optimized insert arrangements on the cutter body helps minimize the generation of vibrations during machining, eliminating premature failure of the inserts. A coolant outlet furnished in all insert pockets integrates a fixed coolant nozzle that directs the cutting fluid accurately to the cutting point, effectively preventing the cutting temperatures from rising during machining, which is critical for successful titanium alloy machining.

The cutter bodies will be available in two standard types: LPSX10M050B22.0L0..R04 shell mill (bore) types will be offered in 50 millimeter cutter diameter for maximum axial depths-of-cut (APMX) of 54 or 76.5 millimeters. LPSX10M0..C.L054R0. types with TungCap PSC machine-side connection will come in 54 or 66 millimeter diameter for 54 millimeter APMX.
The shell mill type cutter bodies are also offered in the imperial sizes in diameters 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 inches with APMX of up to 3.0 inches.

In addition to AH130, a proven grade for ISO S material group, the inserts are also offered in AH8015 grade for machining ISO K group.

Product information
No. 560 (Metric)