Upcoming Exhibitions

IMTS 2024

International Manufacturing Technology Show
Date: September 9-14, 2024
Venue: McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois
Booth: 431522

Seminars / Workshops

Upcoming Seminars/Workshops

Metalworking technology is advancing faster than ever before. Join us for a FREE Product Seminar to learn more about Tungaloy’s and NTK’s unique, powerful tools designed for Accelerated Machining. Tungaloy-NTK will book and cover hotel room charges, meals and airport transfers.

June 19 – 21 | Basic Training


What’s covered?
  • Overview of Tungaloy-NTK’s newer products, including demos
  • Basic training – Lathe, Milling, Drilling
  • Types of machines and types of part processing
  • Understanding cutting parameters
  • Material – P,M,K,S and effects of alloying elements on machining
  • Chipbreaker and Cutting edge design and considerations for different machining

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August 21 – 23 | Milling Products Seminar


What’s covered?
  • Evaluation of current milling and drilling applications.
  • Guide for best practices during the milling and drilling selection process.
  • In-depth assessment of utilizing correct tool paths and feeds & speeds.
  • Understanding the chip thinning method.
  • Review typical slotting application approaches and new technology.
  • Yesterday’s boring applications versus today’s.
  • Diagnose milling and drilling issues, providing optimal solutions.
  • Demos showcasing high-efficiency tool paths, drilling with the latest exchangeable drill tip geometries, and boring with cutting edge technology.

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November 13 – 15 | Lathe Products Seminar


What’s covered?
  • Lathe applications – Overview
    • Turning/facing
    • Boring
    • Grooving
    • Drilling
    • Threading
  • Tool selection for applications
    • Turning/facing insert geometry (straight bore vs profile)
    • Considerations for boring – insert geometry, L/D, minimum bore
    • Grooving tool and insert selection
    • Face grooving, OD grooving, ID grooving
    • Drilling – Set up on a lathe
    • Threading insert and tool selection
  • Insert selection – Materials to machine and recommended grades
    • Hardness – CBN/Ceramics
    • Continuous/interrupted parts
    • Vibration issues and insert options
    • Chip breaking/control – chip breakers
    • Optimizing speeds and feeds
    • Tool life improvement options
  • Unique product line details
    • AddMultiTurn
    • TurnTenFeed
    • Miniature product1 lines
    • Grooving tools1 and specials
    • Trochoidal turning1 benefits

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Tech Center and Skill-Up Center

Total support, always at your side.
The Tungaloy Tech Center is consistently testing new product developments and innovations, actively working side by side with our customers, to find the best solutions for their machining needs. In addition, the Tungaloy Skill-Up Center focuses on raising the skills and knowledge of Tungaloy products with workshops and master classes.

Aside from Japan, Tungaloy also has tech centers in North America and Europe to support and collaborate closely with our customers.