Indexable gun drill with exceptional efficiency

DeepTri-Drill, the easy-to-handle, indexable gundrill series, delivers outstanding performance, exceptional efficiency and stability in deep hole drilling

Applications & Features

Small-diameter drilling

1. Wide range of options for various deep hole applications

2. Ultimate efficiency

• Unique chip breaker and chip splitter on the cutting edge enables impressive chip control at any feed rate, especially at higher feeds
• Thanks to smooth chip evacuation, deep hole making (drilling) is possible even with a standard coolant pressure of 1-2 MPa (145-290 psi)

3. Excellent roundness, straightness, and surface finish

• Special cutting edge geometry and optimized guide pads provide exceptional hole quality.

Inserts & Grades



  • 3 cutting edges inserts with chip splitter


  • 2 cutting edges inserts with chip splitter


  • Single sided insert with chip splitter


  • Optimized chip breaker design for deep hole drilling

Guide pad

Main Grades


  • P15 – P35 / M25 – M35 / K10 – K25 / S15 – S30
  • High wear resistance
  • Designed for drilling various materials


  • P15 – P30 / M15 – M30 / K25 – K30 / S15 – S25
  • Good balance between wear and chipping resistance
  • Suitable for machining steel and stainless steel under general cutting conditions

FH3125 (For guide pads)

  • First recommendation
  • Long tool life due to unique substrate and coating

FH3135 (For guide pads)

  • High fracture resistance
  • First choice when using water-soluble coolant

Drill bodies

General Drilling

MCTR (ø10 – ø40 mm)

• For lathes and machining centers
• L/D = 8 – 45

Gun Drill

TRLG (ø12 – ø30 mm)

• For gun drill machines

Practical examples

Part: Tube Sheet
Material: SUS304 / X5CrNi18-9
Drill: MCTR20.00XM32-10
Insert: TOHT090305R-NDL
Grade: AH725
Cutting conditions: Vc = 80 (m/min)
f = 0.04 (mm/rev)
Vf = 53 (mm/min)
H = 200 (mm)
Coolant: Wet
Machine: Horizontal M/C
Part: Plastic mold
Material: SKD61 / X40CrMoV5-1 (45 HRC)
Drill: TRLGCH18.00X1500-36A
Insert: TOHT080305R-NDJ
Grade: AH725
Cutting conditions: Vc = 62 (m/min)
f = 0.04 (mm/rev)
Vf = 44 (mm/min)
H = 700 (mm)
Coolant: Wet
Machine: Horizontal M/C
Part: Shaft
Material: SCM420H
Drill: MCTR12.00XM20-20
Insert: LOGT060204R-NDJ
Grade: AH725
Cutting conditions: Vc = 150 (m/min)
f = 0.13 (mm/rev)
Vf = 517 (mm/min)
øDc = 12 (mm)
H = 233 (mm)
Coolant: Wet
Machine: Vertical M/C

Standard cutting conditions



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