DuoJustCut Includes New SH7025 Grade Inserts

Iwaki, April 2024— Tungaloy has added 54 new SH7025 grade inserts to its DuoJustCut high-precision parting and thread turning solution.

The DuoJustCut series offers a unique clamping mechanism that achieves high insert clamping rigidity and excellent cutting edge positioning accuracy and demonstrates excellent performance in high-precision parting and thread turning operations on Swiss lathes.

For parting applications, DuoJustCut offers the JXPS insert with a 3D pressed-in chipbreaker and JXPG insert with a sharp cutting edge. The inserts with the optimum length can be selected according to the barstock diameter to be cut, enabling efficient, precision machining. For thread turning operations, the JXTG type insert is available for a wide range of thread profiles and pitches from 0.2 to 1.5 mm (from .008″ to .059″) with a 60° thread angle.

In addition to the standard toolholder line, DuoJustCut also offers toolholders with a narrower neck design, which enables secure parting operations when using the sub-spindle.

SH7025 is a new PVD-coated grade that combines a columnar TiCN coating and nano laminate TiAlN coating. This provides the insert with superior resistance to wear and edge chipping, while allowing excellent surface finishing quality. In addition, the gold-colored coating makes it easy for an operator to check for damage and identify unused corners in low-lighted job shops and machine tools.

The combination of DuoJustCut and SH7025 material grade will contribute to the improvement of customers’ productivity and reduction of machining costs by demonstrating excellent surface quality and superior longevity in the machining of small parts in various material groups.

Product information
No. 504S3-G (Metric)