Small-Diameter AddDoFeed Indexable High-Feed Milling Heads with a TungMeister Connection

Iwaki, February 2024 — Tungaloy has released four new AddDoFeed indexable modular heads for high feed milling with a TungMeister connection.

TungMeister exchangeable-head milling tool system allows users to build optimized tooling assemblies for various applications, such as square shouldering, ball nose end milling, slot milling, and multi-axis milling of complex curved surfaces, using just a small inventory of standard items.

The new AddDoFeed indexable modular cutter heads for high feed milling are available in maximum cutter diameters (DCX) of 8 mm (.315″), 10 mm (.394″), 12 mm (.472″), and 16 mm (.630″) and incorporate unique double-sided AddDoFeed inserts with four total cutting edges. With a large rake and cutting edge inclination angles, the inserts generate free cutting action and excellent chip control, boosting productivity with no compromise on process security. These features make the tool suitable for machining hard-to-reach areas of die mold tooling or cavities/pockets with long overhang.

At present, the smallest available shank diameter for the existing modular holder is 10 mm (.394″). When paired with an 8 mm (.315″) diameter AddDoFeed modular cutter, the shank, being larger than the cutter, makes contact with the workpiece structure or fixtures before the cutter reaches the area where material needs removal. This results in unworked sections on the workpiece. Thanks to a TungMeister connection, the new modular can now be paired with a TungMeister modular holder featuring an 8 mm diameter shank. With the cutter/shank diameters being identical, the risk of tool interference with the workpiece or fixtures is eliminated, allowing unobstructed operations.

Product information
No. 545S1-G (Metric)
AddDoFeed / DoFeed