Y-Pro Series


Insert with 25° corner angle for profiling

Y-Pro Series expands the machining range of taper cutting, undercutting, and “V” grooving applications.

Applications & Features

External turningInternal turning

1. Inserts with a 25° corner angle to expand machining possibilities.

2. Suitable for a wide range of machining applications

The new Y-Pro series expands the machining range of Taper cutting, undercutting and “V” grooving applications.

Spherical profiling (Negative, Positive)

Enlarged clearance expands the interference avoidance area.


Face profiling (Positive)

Allows drastic productivity and capability improvements


Internal undercutting and profiling (Positive)

Allows undercutting of small diameters.

“V” grooving (Negative, Positive)

Suitable for various “V” grooving applications


External undercutting (Positive)

Allows a range of undercut forms to be machined


Internal profiling (Positive)

Compared to the 35°positive insert, the 25° insert can work with smaller bore diameters.

Inserts & Grades


Y-Pro Insert

  • 25° corner angle for profiling


  • P15 – P25
  • First choice for roughing to medium cutting
  • High fracture resistance


  • M01 – M20 / S10 – S20
  • Good balance between wear and fracture resistance
  • First choice for machining heat-resistant alloy under general cutting conditions


External turning

Y-Pro Series Holders

25° corner angle for profiling

Internal turning

Y-Pro Series Holders

25° corner angle for profiling

Practical examples

Part: Regulator valve
Material: S45C (C45)
Tolholder: SYJBR2020K16
Insert: YWMT16302-ZF
Grade: T9225
Cutting conditions: Vc = 150 m/min (492 sfm)
f = 0.10 mm/rev (.004 ipr)
ap = 0.5 mm (.020 in)
Application: Profiling
Coolant: Wet
Machine: CNC lathe

Standard cutting conditions

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