DuoJust-Cut / TungCut Cost Saving Calculator

DuoJust-Cut / TungCut Cost Saving Calculator

Stable parting with high rigid clamping system

Product info

The clamping system with easy insert indexing

Product info

Save bar stock material waste in your job shop by simply swapping your parting tool with DuoJustCut 0.6,0.8,1.0mm or TungCut 1.2, 1.4 mm width inserts!

This calculator allows you to simulate how much you can save in material waste annually for your job shop.

Simply enter your current values to overwrite the values in the cells below. The calculator automatically calculates the values to show you how much DuoJustCut/TungCut can add profit to your business, while saving material waste.

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Input fields

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The width of the current parting insert being used
Select DuoJustCut/TungCut insert to be used
Monthly outputs per machine (in pcs)
Length per part
Cost of bar stock per one meter
Number of machines involved in this project

You will be able to save…

Length of bar stock you can save annually


(Number of workpieces that can be produced with the savings)

42,000parts per year

Cost saved annually

7,140.00USD per year

The visual image of cost reduction