AddForceCut Boosts Productivity in Deep Face Grooving

Iwaki, May 2023— Tungaloy has announced the expansion of its AddForceCut deep grooving and parting tool series. The expansion involves a new tooling system for deep face grooving and the QTX inserts that will improve machining efficiency of deep face grooving operations.

AddForceCut, featuring a single-ended grooving insert, combined with strong and reliable insert clamping, enables shops to achieve maximum performance in any deep grooving or parting operation with improved efficiency and superb chip evacuation.

AddForceCut features a unique self-clamping system that ensures maximum insert clamping security wherever large depths-of-cut are required. The insert is retained at three contacts in the pocket: one on the top clamp and two on the bottom. In addition, a stop built on the rigid section of the bottom clamp sustains and absorbs the resultant cutting forces, allowing stable and efficient deep grooving as well as parting of bar stocks of up to 120 millimeter (4.724 inch) diameter.

AddForceCut’s new modular blades and associated shanks designed for deep face grooving incorporate an extremely rigid tool structure. The modular blade is fixed to the shank by using five fixing screws for extra tool rigidity, allowing for grooving of much deeper grooves, compared with conventional tools. In addition, the new blades and shanks are capable of high-pressure internal coolant supplied directly to the cutting point so as to effectively remove chips out of the cutting area and prolong tool life.

Also introduced are the QTX inserts that is developed specifically for deep face grooving. In addition to its strong and sharp cutting edge that generates free cutting action, the QTX insert integrates a chipbreaker that effectively forms short, consistent 6s or 9s, eliminating chip jamming and other chip-associated issues during face grooving, in which chip control is always a challenge. The new inserts are available in the latest AH7025, a versatile PVD-coated grade designed to ensure predictable tool life across a wide range of material groups. A total of 70 toolholders and inserts are introduced in this expansion.

Product information
No. 543S2-G (Metric)